Design Approach

Design Approach

We've been working in the logo design industry for over a decade. Over that time, we've combined our experience as a company with the individual lessons learned by our designers and other team members to create a process that's second to none.

We want to provide an ideal customer service experience. We want to create the best logos. We want to do it all efficiently and smoothly.

Here's how we make that happen:

Step 1 It starts with you. Review our design portfolio. Look at logos from other accounting firms. Develop an idea of what you'd like in your logo. Once you have some rough idea (even if it's still a little fuzzy), fill out our online form. At that point, we'll book your job. We'll follow up with a contact email that will ask you a few follow-up questions so that we have a clear picture of your firm and your message.
Step 2 After we've received your deposit and the necessary information, we'll get to work! Our large design team will create a variety of initial logo designs based on your information and we'll send them to you for review.
Step 3 You'll look at those concepts and will supply us with feedback. You can make additional requests, ask questions, recommend changes or just tell us what you do and do not like. We're always ready to talk with you about your logo design and we take your feedback seriously.
Step 4 After we've discussed the initial designs, we'll follow your lead to create a logo. We'll show it to you and you'll have another chance to tell us about any changes or adjustments you might like.

That process will continue until you're 100% satisfied.

We make the process simple. You won't be dealing with thousands of unwanted emails and file downloads. We put our designs and work on a special secure portion of our website where you can review them.

After we've created your winning logo, we'll email you all of the files.

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Our Speciality

We AccountingLogoDesign consists of world's top class logo designers, specialized in designing of creative Accounting logos for your unique need. We helped our hundreds of clients to build their own brand with mind blowing logo designs.

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Our Guarantee

We're not interested in creating adequate logos. We want to create perfect logos. In fact, we're so committed to producing the best logos in the industry that we back our work with something you won't usually see a real guarantee.

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Client's Speech

"I am very grateful for the quick response! My logos were design in record time with great communication with the designers."

Daniel J. Brugh
Ace Accountants Mentor, OH, USA

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